Texas HB 496 requires Stop the bleed kits in all schools by 1 january 2020

Status: Sent to governor
Author: Rep. Barbara Gervin-Hawkins
Sponsor: Sen. Eddie Lucio Jr.
Summary: Requires each district and charter school to develop and annually make available a protocol for school employees and volunteers to follow in the event of a traumatic injury. The district/school must make available bleeding control stations for use in the event of a traumatic injury involving blood loss. The stations must be stored in easily accessible areas of the campus selected by the district's school safety and security committee or charter schools' governing body.

School peace officers and security personnel, and any other personnel who might be reasonably expected to use a bleeding control station, must take TEA-approved training on the use of the station.

Districts/charters must annually offer instruction to students in grades 7-12 on the use of a bleeding control station from appropriate personnel who have received the training.

The district/school can choose to store a station in the same areas as automatic external defibrillators. A bleeding control station must include tourniquets, chest seals, compression bandages, bleeding control bandages, space emergency blankets, latex-free gloves, markers, scissors and instructional documents developed by the American College of Surgeons of the US Department of Homeland Security. The station may include other medical material or equipment that is approved by local law enforcement or EMS personnel and that could be used for a blood loss injury.

The training course cannot be provided online. It must incorporate instruction on the psychomotor skills necessary to use a bleeding control station in the event of an injury, including instruction on proper chest seal placement. The course can be provided by EMTs, paramedics, law enforcement, firefights, representatives of the organization that developed/endorsed the training, educators, other public school employees, or other qualified individuals. The course does not have to provide certification. Includes immunity from civil liability for good faith use of a bleeding control station by an employee or volunteer.

Districts/charters must develop and implement the required protocol as soon as possible, but no later than Jan. 1, 2020.

(courtesy of Texas Classroom Teachers Association https://tcta.org/node/15143-hb_496)